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Is it possible to return the purchased blanket?
Yes, it is possible, but only in certain situations:

-     If the blanket has a material or manufacturing defect

-     if the data on the blanket did not match the data sent in order

-     If your blanket arrived damaged and the carrier or manufacturer can be hold accountable for the damage

Is it possible to place other data or inscriptions?

Yes, you can. It is possible inscribe anything on the blanket as long as maximum number of characters per line are kept. First line can hold up to 15 characters. The next is usually reserved for date of birth, can accommodate up to 10 characters. In the next maximum of 8 characters and in the last only 6 characters. However, note that the maximum number of characters can result in reducing the font.
Additionally, an extra field for dedication:
"From Godmother " or "Grandma and Grandpa," or any other (optional,  up to 32 characters).

How and when to make payment for ordered blanket?
Since blankets are produced only to individual orders, each one is unique.Therefore, we ask for payment for the blanket immediately after ordering and receiving our e-mail order confirmation. Confirmation of payment is not required by us, but please let us know, preferably by e-mail that the transfer is on its way.

What colors of blankets are available?
As for now blankets come in two colors - blue and pink. Perhaps in the future, the manufacturer will also offer other colors, depending on customer demand. For future reference, please feel free to inform us what additional colors would be interesting for you.

Do blankets change their appearance after washing?
This is one of most frequently asked questions. This is understandable, given that clothing, bedding, or just a blanket should be washed quite often. If you treat it according to basic recommendations for blanket washing (water temperature not exceeding 60 ° C, no bleach and chemical cleaning), the blanket will not change the texture, size, and color even after many washings.

How should I wash the blanket?
It is made from 100% organic cotton. Please remember to:
wash at max. 60°C
do not dry clean
do not bleach
can be ironed
can be tumble dried
recommended flat drying

How and when the customer receives the blanket?
The process of manufacturing blankets is complicated and multi phased. It takes several days from order to finished product. It is due to uniqueness of each order and the special care paid to the highest quality of a product. Ready blanket, after appropriate preparation (e.g. special washing) and packaging is sent to you via courier. Usually the blanket can be sent to you after about 6-10 days after we receive money transfer to our account.